What is the Service Revolution Barometer?

The Service Revolution Barometer measures organisations’ progress towards fully mature Everything as a Service offerings. It bases this on the “Four Lenses” that Fruition Partners use to benchmark clients and help plot a road map for delivering the Service Revolution:


How mature an organisation is in designing, operating, delivering and managing the service experience. Respondents are measured on the services being implemented; what mandate exists for the process; its contribution to the organisation; and alignment to the organisation’s stated objectives and charter.


How aligned the organisational culture and operating model are to delivering Everything as a Service. Respondents are measured on the level of authority required; the span of control; core competencies; assigned roles and responsibilities; dependencies; and the functional model required.


How mature organisations are in defining and documenting the business processes that enable Everything as a Service. Respondents are measured on the processes and controls required to deliver services, including review of policies, sub-processes, procedures, metrics, roles and governance


The maturity of organisations’ technology capabilities to deliver Everything as a Service. This determines opportunities for consolidation and automation to generate further operational efficiencies

From these Four Lenses, the Service Revolution Barometer can give a snapshot of how close an organisation or industry at large is to reaching the Everything as a Service ideal.